(this is a hypothetical question: I am not planning on doing this: just garnering opinions on the topic)

Before moving to a new neighborhood, I’ve often been tempted to go door-to-door and meet the neighbors. Maybe get a little background info on the neighborhood, some juicy gossip, smoke out the crack dealers, whatever.

Is this taboo?

I would imagine in some cases you might learn some interesting info.

For example: I bought a home once where on humid days we would get whiffs of pet urine coming from a particular corner of the house. I own a cat and immediately suspected her (sorry Fluffy) but learned from an elderly neighbor years later that back in the day, a crazy old lady lived there and had like 100 cats that had to be hauled away by animal control. Now of course, this was never disclosed… probably never known by any of the Agents but an example of the things you might learn about a house by talking to the neighbors.